Rolen Amakiir (Deceased)

Elf Rogue




Quick with a blade and a bow, Rolen seems to never lose his cool. This elf is swift and serene, and has always been able to rely on his twin brother.

Rolen had come to Greenest with his brother, Aldar, in the hopes of fulfilling the dying wish of their father. As a smuggler, the Amakiir patriarch carried goods along the Sword Coast for the Cult of the Dragon. As his death drew near, the high elf was filled with guilt and begged his twin sons to investigate the cult and undo any evil he may have helped foster.

The high elf pair made their way into Greenest and were immediately embroiled in combat. They found themselves grouped with an odd motley crew. Rolen and Aldar worked well together with Woghulgat, Tibus, Raoul, and Khevrac; and the group made their way to Cult of the Dragon’s camp. It was on this path that Aldar met his demise. Silently struggling with grief at the lost of his twin, Rolen buried his brother in an unmarked grave, and pressed on with the group to achieve his goals.

With a heavy heart, the rogue tries to press on. Leading his newfound friends, he made his way throughout the camp. After finding the imprisoned monk, Liosin, Rolen rushed to find the monks stolen equipment. His vision tunnel on the chest, and his fateful error was neglecting to check for traps. As poison gas filled his lungs, a pair guards chased the rogue. Rogue made it only a few feet before he was felled by a pair of scimitars.

Rolen Amakiir (Deceased)

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