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Chapter 10: Like Dominos...

We fall, Like Dominos, one by one.


I still remember the twins. I could have saved the mage, but I froze and couldn't even utter a word in assistance. I wasn't strong enough to save the rogue, and I fear that I wont be strong enough to prevent anymore of my… comrades from dying.


"Who is next," I wonder while kneeling over the cold corpse of Raoul.


Then, I stand and survey the aftermath of the melee. Bodies are littered across the dark stone floor. I hear the rattling of a few coins. I turn in that direction and see the rogue, Siegurd, rifling through the dead. Lining her pockets once again. But I haven't known her long, she deserves more time before I draw conclusions about her character.


  • Wandering around the caves
  • Combat begins: The Party vs 4 Berserkers and Cyanwrath
  • Combat doesnt go well
  • An ally appears
  • Raoul Falls
  • Wog Falls
  • Raoul Dies
  • Tibus Falls
  • Combat concluded: 3 Berserkers and Cyanwrath killed
  • 1 Berserker routed
  • Siegurd loots
  • Siegurd fails an investigation check for traps
  • Trap is set off and fills the room with poison
  • Party rests
  • Party moves on the next room
  • After another long battle where we almost die again
  • Wog thinks quickly and gives one of his rations to the flayer(?)
  • The party kills two dragonlings
  • Lucan, Siegurd and the mysterious stranger each take an egg
  • We start to leave the cave


Ventrue_ llgeary91

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