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Chapter XI: A New Quest

(( Just want to preface this it will probably lack in detail and just be informative. I struggled to find any creative direction all week and this is probably the best we're going to get. ))



As we approached the final obstacle to climb in our return to Greenest the familiar sulfur smell reached Khevrac's nose signaling we were reaching our destination. The city still remains in shambles as we get to the top of the hill and peer down to the remnants. As the group all looks down at the entire scope of the damage to Greenest, Woghulgat is reminded to speak to Lucan and Siegurd about the dragon eggs they had retrieved from the caves. He says "These eggs will not enter our walls. There has been too much pain caused by dragons here." Lucan argues that the eggs will be fine, they are his to keep and he wants them close to him. After much discussion Woghulgat caves but compromises that they must remain on the outskirts of the city.


Greenest builders are seemingly prioritizing the mote of the castle area in their repair effort. Possibly to use as a last line of defense should an attack occur again. As Woghulgat, Tibus, and Khevrac head to the inner castle area to speak to Governor Nighthill, Siedgurd and Lucan remain with their eggs on the outskirts of the city. Nighthill asks the three of their quest to follow the enemies and seems sorrowful of the deaths we had endured once again. He gives us our shares that we were promised for the difficult task and we request that Raoul's share be put back into the city. Nighthill informs us that Leosin had paid for horses for our party and requested our presence in Elturel to meet with someone named Ontharr Frume. We accept. 


On meeting back with Lucan he relays that the eggs are not for him but for Leosin. Woghulgat thinks as long as we are taking them away from Greenest and into Elturel that remains the best decision for his home. He hopes not to regret this. 


We meet with the stable keeper for our new horses who is very happy to see a battle scarred Woghulgat, a new hero of the city. Woghulgat asks him to hold the eggs for us to handle some business in the city. The stable keeper is very taken aback by the request but is eventually persuaded by coin from Lucan. After hiding the eggs in some hay Woghulgat requests the stable keeper keep and eye on them and not hesitate to destroy them should they shown signs of hatching. 


The group as a whole heads to Mcgregor's shop to see about equipping Siegurd and replenishing our supplies. Mcgregor insists on drinking first so we head to the tavern and share pints and stories, mostly from the hilarious Dwarf. Khevrac urges Siegurd to tell the story of how she had almost killed all of us in the caves. She does but it does not amuse Mcgregor. Instead he is more curious about what she was doing the whole time she was in shackles. More Mcgregor jokes and more pints flow as we all smile and take in the moment for a little while before we head out on another difficult task the next day. Mcgregor asks us to take a young halfling Bard with us that had been causing him a headache lately. He remains that he is a very capable bard, just that he is annoying to the dwarf. His name is Oswald. 


We finish up the pints and head back to Mcgregor's shop to resupply finally. Siegurd purchases new armor and weapons. Oswald tries to barter with Mcgregor for a good deal on some studded leather armor, Mcgregor says hes known Oswald for one day and no fucking way it was going to happen. 

Lucan tells the group he must go speak to Nighthill on his own about some questions he has. Khevrac and Oswald head to the Tavern to purchase rooms for the night while Woghulgat and Tibus head to Wogh's shack to rest up. Siegurd remains behind with Mcgregor for unknown reasons. 


In the morning the group meets up at the stables and notice that Siegurd's hair is very out of sorts and she looks very relaxed. Must've been a good night. We grab our eggs, our horses and start on our road to Elturel. 


Out in the wild again Woghulgat hunts for food for the group as Tibus prepares it with some cleansing spells. We decide to rest after hours on the road and are ambushed by bandits. It was hard fought but we got to see the new halfling in action and what what Siegurd can actually do with some real weapons and not just her genitalia. 


(( Again, sorry for lack of detail and boring read. I really didn't know what to do creatively this week. Better luck next time. ))



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